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Stand out during the hiring process with a pre-screened BREES™ resume

  • Used by recruiters and hiring managers to screen candidates
  • Perform a preliminary background check in the US
  • Verify your references and social media profiles
  • Confirm your educational & employment background
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Quickly register on multiple job boards and get in front of employers

  • Upload your resume on various job boards
  • Manage your job search from central location
  • Target positions that align with your qualifications and interests
  • Increase your chances of finding the right job for you
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Join weekly events with world-class coaches to help you live your best life

  • Live webinars to help you navigate the hiring process
  • On-demand library with leading experts from around the world
  • Access career advice and inspirational talks
  • Expert guidance and support to ensure success in your job search
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On-demand career coaching resources to help meet your career goals

  • Guidance to help you align with your career vision and aspirations
  • Tailor an action plan to propel you towards your career milestones
  • Assess your professional skills and learn how to improve them
  • Cultivate a work-life balance to ensure you enjoy your career more
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Receive job alerts to your inbox and find relevant jobs with local companies

  • Sign up to get notifications on the latest job openings in your area
  • Create filters to refine your job search & locate the ideal location
  • Be the first to know when the right job opens up
  • Increase your chances of being on the top of the hiring manager's list
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Upload your resume to receive a score and advice on how to improve it

  • Get a resume score that is powered by AI-driven analysis
  • Improve the quality of your resume to ensure it is visible to employers
  • Get past the employer's applicant tracking system
  • Make sure your resume makes it to the hiring manager's desk
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Evaluate your LinkedIn profile on criteria that matter to hiring managers

  • Instantly compare your profile to other job candidates
  • Create a compelling profile to showcase your skills & experience
  • Use your profile to connect with potential employers
  • Get feedback to improve your profile visibility
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This eBook collection offers essential career guidance and tips to succeed

  • Learn how to write a compelling resume that will stand out
  • Discover the best techniques for acing any job interview
  • Uncover strategies to effectively network with recruiters
  • Dealing with the unexpected during the hiring process
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Stay informed and gain an edge over other jobseekers with our content

  • Stay ahead of the competition with the latest news
  • Receive weekly newsletters featuring top industry experts
  • Get cutting-edge insights to help you find the right job
  • Access to expert tips and advice to maximize your job search
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Working with recruiters can increase your chances of getting hired

  • Connect with the best recruiters in your area
  • Develop a connection with recruiters to be on their radar
  • Reach out to top recruiters and learn what they're looking for
  • Stay engaged with recruiters to get their latest job postings
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Build a customized list to network and build relationships with HR contacts

  • Create a list of employers who you have a genuine interest in
  • Research each company to be sure it’s a good fit for you
  • Connect with the appropriate HR contact for each company
  • Keep your HR contact list up to date as they often change
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